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Gas Line Repair

Gas Line Repair in St. Catharines & The Niagara Region

How to Identify a Gas Leak in your Home

Strange Smell

The Gas company adds Mercaptan to the gas to make it recognizable in case of a leak, it resembles the smell of "rotten eggs". 

You Hear a Hissing Sound

The Slight sound of a whistling or hissing might indicate that you hear a gas line leak.

Dead Flowers In The Home

Dead or Struggling houseplants can be a sign of a gas leak ( or that you forgot to water them). If you have hearty plants that you take care of regularly but they are struggling, you might want to double check that it's not a gas leak in your home. Dead Grass patch in the yard for no reason? Do you add soil, seed, and water but nothing grows? Check if this area is in a straight line from your gas meter to the street valve. If it is , it could be a gas leak in an old line. Call your gas company!

You Unexpectedly Don't Feel Well

Many people report flu-like symptoms (headaches & Nausea) along with dizziness, fatigue, feeling light headed, and irritation to the eyes & throat in the presence of a gas leak


What To Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak

  • Make sure to open your doors and windows to make sure any pilot lights in your home are turned off. This is likely an obvious move but in a panic, you may forget this step. 

  • Don't try to find the leak. Staying in the home and inspecting your lines for a potential leak further exposes you to additional inhalation of the gas itself and increases your change of being in a dangerous accident

  • Make sure to leave the room immediately and exit your home if you even remotely suspect the leak is anything but mine and recent.

  • Don't Turn on switch lights or use household appliances. Certainly, don't light a cigarette or candle in the home. You do not want to create a spark or flame of any kind around a gas leak.

  • Once you are in a safe place, Call the case company immediately

  • Don't assume your neighbours will call if you smell a gas leak outside your home. Make sure to report the leak immediately. Leaks that occur outside of your home can be just as dangerous


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